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Free Download Trend Micro Browser Guard

Trend Micro Browser Guard is an easy to use, powerful Windows Internet Explorer plug-in application, which is to protect against cyber attacks newest criminals including viruses, spyware, cookies, threats, spam, Wireless Home Network Intrusion giving, and malignant scripts in real time to prevent its implementation.

Trend Micro Browser Guard can prevent known and unknown threats on the internet and communicate with the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network offers users the latest security while surfing the web.

Trend Micro Browser Guard features:

  • Protects against zero day exploits
  • Detects buffer-overflow and heap-spray attacks
  • Protects against execution of shell code
  • Anti-spam technology to detect, block email and image spam
  • Personal firewall defends against attacks from the Internet
  • Stops online phishing scams that try to rob your personal information like credit card or bank account numbers
  • Blocks untrustworthy hyperlinks in email, websites and instant messages
  • Analyzes and protects against malicious JavaScript
  • Connects with Trend Micro Smart Protection Network to maximize detections

Trend Micro Browser is Guard as a free download for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher availability. Simply the following URL to access official Trend Micro Browser Guard main download page:

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