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Free Download Tango: Peer-to-Peer Video Call Chat App

Since the introduction of the FaceTime in iPhone 4, video telephony will eventually power a new trend for mobile communications. To have video call on the computer, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Messenger, or other popular applications as needed.


However, mobile video chat is still relatively new to the mobile phone. Attempts to call during the first 3G video-launch phase been popular, but not many users are using video chat indirect contact causes many phones with a front-facing camera are available on the market.

While many smartphones do not have a video chat or video call capability, and lack of front-facing camera, it’s an app that can help to initiate the video chat easy and that is the tango. Tango is a peer-to-peer (P2P) use of video chat application, both your phone forward and back cameras. It is available free of charge, both in the Apple App Store and Android Market.

Unlike Apple’s FaceTime or Qik Tango is cross-platform. Allows you to video calls from an iPhone, an Android phone to 4G, Wi-Fi and 3G. The video-call work between iPhones or between Android phones. The video will work on a mobile connection is available, will be 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. During an interview, it is possible to disable or video, switch between audio and video call means. You can also choose large or small screen view of the contact.

Tango is easy to use. It uses your phone number and ID for his service and regularly scans the phone directory for people than to recognize the Tango users. If it finds one, the holder of the tango in the address book applications. Setup of complex profile is no longer necessary. What you need to do is download the Tango application and provide them with your telephone number and an e-mail address. You are then ready to make video calls.

Tango allows you to use two cameras on yourself and your surroundings to show. It also works well on phones with only a rear view camera, like the iPhone 3G and Motorola Droid, briefly show someone something you talk about during an audio interview face to face.

Tango is definitely the solution for the iPhone and Android mobile phone users now want to start video calls. The next competition will be stiff when more and more popular instant messaging application such as Yahoo, MSN (Windows Live) and Skype for mobile video telephony entry. In fact, Fring’s app for iPhone and Android presented with video-calling feature.

Download Tango from iTunes App Store or search Tango in Android Market.

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