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Download iPhoDroid for Install Android on iPhone 2G/3G

Android has been successfully ported to iPhone Hardware run iDroid project, although it only currently supports the original iPhone 2G and 3G iPhone. iPhone users can iDroid binaries and try Android on the iPhone through a manual process, or the iPhoDroid can be used to help.


iPhoDroid is an open source tool that automates the installation of iDroid transfer all the files (Android on the iPhone) are required to run on the iPhone with one click Android, automates all steps of the manual installation. iPhoDroid requires no Linux-VM, and keeps the device firmly on the iPhone and iPhone OS work.

iPhoDroid a screen console log has allowed users to watch on operations. Because it is built on iDroid has not all features of the iPhone is not yet implemented. Some features that work well as a multi-touch input, audio and Wi-Fi. Not to mention that the hack voids the warranty and can potentially brick the iPhone. Forget about the system requirements before you read iPhoDroid to install Android on the iPhone.

Download iPhoDroid of hosted with source code on Google Code.

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