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Digito To Resize, Rename and Convert Pictures Fre Download

Occasionally, you can click the image filename to rename all files, so it seems sensible and easy to remember. You may also be interested in the files to “see one format to another Convert appointed with custom resolution and image quality optimized for space. Now with this small program as Digito, it will simplify all the problems of the batch processing, the necessary image files in simple steps needed to complete alignment.

Before the start you have the users for certain folders, so all the photos you want added to the interface to browse. Then select one of the images (or all) of them ready for batch processing. To configure the settings, click on “Batch process” is another new interface opens the possibility for the exit of the path define prefix / addition to the original resolution and file suffix either verhoudingen or fixed width and height values. For example, the user name “Add Digit to define – 00 & add-months-years, so the actual filename is displayed as 00_Apr_10.jpg IMG_0100 than the original or etc. This is not at all, users can enter the file the quality of the converted images after each own preferences and the actual needs. Once everything is defined, go to “load settings” all pre-configured settings appear before the conversion. Click on ‘start-process “of the batch conversion done immediately. During the conversion, you can see that the program does not respond and do not worry, as some CPU resources to convert image files. Last but not least, may these files are uploaded to an FTP server, or choose to be notified when the conversion is done via an SMS message with the right support network.

Digito is a free open-source (currently in beta) to run a program and is compatible with all Windows operating system, it is an easy to use and usefulness still buy new vision for all applications.

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