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ESPN Game Changer Universal Remote Control

Are you a sports addict who flicks between channels all day? If you think your remote to keep pace with the speed, flicking between channels, the ESPN Game Changer Universal Remote Control in the position to help. With special buttons ESPN (ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPNU), you can quickly switch between the sports channels to maintain contact with all the games that keep running at the same time.

If you keep switching between a non-sports channel, will you still below, like the programmable buttons, so you do not miss what reality show are you addicted to at the moment. The best part is, it will not bring back $ 300, can record how the ultimate remote, but you two of these remotes for only $ 8 (plus $ 5) for shipping shall see. Do not make an expensive decision to appear, is not it? Especially since Amazon sells for $ 24.99 each.

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4 Comments to “ESPN Game Changer Universal Remote Control”

  1. […] adds to its Harmony product family, the new Harmony 600 and Harmony 650 Universal remote controls, which are designed to replace up to five remote controls. The first has a monochrome display and […]

  2. Jim says:

    How do you get the codes and the instruction Manuel off of this website for the game changer remote

  3. corey says:

    This remote sucks. All i want to do is to go to this video audio crap, and this stupid remote won’t let me. Thanks, this really is a Universal remote. I guess this is what you get with made in china crap

  4. Jim says:

    I got a remote from my wife but have no idea how to turn it on or access the codes?
    Can you help me please

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