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Sony NGP – The Next Generation of Gaming

Sony NGP (Next Generation Portable), in other words Sony PSP2, is almost here. Sony has made the announcement about the latest handheld gaming device, but it will take a few months for users to get a chance to play with it. There were many rumours and speculations about this device and it was a good move by Sony to make the announcement as early as possible.

Just to summarize, the new device runs on amazing quad-core processor with a five inch, 960×544 resolution screen with touchscreen ability. It displays 16 million colours and it has two cameras (front and back), two speakers, and one microphone. In addition, the graphics of the device is supported by a mighty PowerVR graphics processor. According to the announcements made by Sony, this device is expected to have five to six hours of battery life.

There was a strong criticism for the earlier versions of PSP. The earlier versions did not have two analog sticks, rather had one stick. The new version is now equipped with two analog sticks, so the players can do many movements with their gaming character. When talking about character movements, it is not only the analog sticks that can be utilized. The touchscreen supports multi-touch, so the user can perform advanced manipulations through gestures in the game. In addition, the back of the gaming console is touch sensitive, which means that the users can use the fingers holding the device for character manipulation. This is one of the most fascinating features of new Sony NGP and it adds a new dimension to the handheld gaming consoles.

The new Sony NGP also comes with GPS for location awareness. This enables the users to connect with nearby Sony NGP gaming consoles to play games. In addition, it is also equipped with an electronic compass, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope. This means, these add more controllability to the device in addition to what we have mentioned at the beginning of this review. Such technical enhancements to Sony NGP also encourage the game developers to think differently and create advanced and more entertaining games.

The physical design of the device is quite compelling and it clearly resembles the legacy PSP design. Although the design is clean and crisp, some users may find it little bulky.

In terms of connectivity, Sony NGP support 3G as well as Wi-Fi. This allows the users to download games through Sony Play Station Network and connect with other devices, including Sony NGP.


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