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HTC Flyer Shows off its Colours

HTC’s first tablet has managed to create ripples in the gadget-lovers’ community as a promising competitor to Blackberry’s Playbook. HTC is well known for turning up of innovative gadgets and the HTC Flyer has definitely made the list as an impressive device.

The Flyer is constructed in the design as the handsets from the manufacturer. A first glance shows the device as a sleek, slim onethat appears to be built to ensure portability. At only 122mm of width, the Android powered tablet has the ability to hold it using one hand and to put it inside a pocket.

As for the hardware, the HTC Flyer comes equipped with a single core processor. In general, the usage is quite smooth and quick it when it comes to loading web pages, the lack of a dual core processor shines through. The wide range of tablet games is also inaccessible due to the processor factor. The screen however is a 7 inch delight. The size is perfect for portability and for fast typing. HD videos can be viewed in smooth, natural colours while bright sunlight and off angles did little harm to the overall visibility.

The HTC Flyer displays an impressive feature with its compatibility to be utilized with a pen. This feature makes scribing notes or taking screenshots a breeze. As for the applications, the pen is compatible with some of them which include ‘Notes’. However, the pen is not created to work as a stylus. Apart from the two buttons in the pen allowing you to highlight and erase text, it is only usable in compatible programs such as PDF Viewer, Reader and Polaris Office.

The batter life is moderate. With maximum screen brightness and Wi-Fi, the battery is able to hold up for about 5 hours. However, with general using such as browsing, downloads and movie playback, this time could be greatly reduced. The charging port is located at the base and charges over the USB.

As for the cameras, the rear camera is somewhat disappointing at megapixels. While close up shots are much clearer and defined, wide shots have plenty of room for improvement. On the other hand, the autofocus, which operates by tapping the screen, is an impressive feature. In addition the picture quality can be altered using various editable features such as Distortion, ISO, White Balance and Exposure. The rear camera has the ability to shoot 720p movies at 30 frames per second. With the quality switched to VGA, the action improves by a great deal.

The HTC Flyer, with its 1.5 GHz processor, portable size and simple navigation is considered by many to be an adequate tablet. The compatibility with the pen and just-right screen size also adds up to the list of agreeable features for the device. However, it is priced at £599 for the 32GB 3G version and £479 for the 16GB Wi-Fi version. This is quite a steep price for the device which, despite the effort, does not meet high expectations attached with similar devices within the same price range.

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